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Our Scandinavian origin, still one of our biggest markets today, naturally obliges us to develop products perfectly resisting to the tough Scandinavian climate conditions. Enormous variations in temperature, very strong wind and salty atmosphere wipe away all low quality products within a few months. Norlys products don`t only perfectly resist but are covered through a long term anti-corrosion guarantee.

No mystery about product resistance: all you need is top quality raw material, most modern industrial tools and many years of experience. Norlys is specialized in production based on aluminium, steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel and copper or.. ...a combination of several metals in one fixture. Painted fixtures benefit from our high level, multistage surface treatment before powder coating. This is a key for perfect resistance to corrosion.

Our very large range of galvanized steel fixtures offers a total different approach. In decorative outdoor lighting, prescriptors are keen on this metallic aspect which gives them fresh ideas involving a thorough protection thanks to an immersion in liquid bath. Iron-zinc alloy by galvanization results even harder than steel itself and protects against all kinds of injuries, scratches, casual shocks and against corrosion. Some 25 years life span for a galvanized product are frequently observed. Zinc shows a very convenient behaviour in various atmospheres, corrosion speed keeps satisfyingly low however depending on the hardness of the environment (city, seaside, industrial polluted sites...)

We extend the choice of material through several ranges in massive copper. Here again resistance to corrosion is important, but as well the natural aspect of patinating copper makes those fixtures very interesting for a variety of applications. We offer several designs from the hand-made and very classical CHELSEA range to the modern and sober aspect of BERN and BASEL wall fixtures. BERN and BASEL wall fixtures use very heavy clear or frosted glass. Several fixtures in our large range use glass mainly for esthetical reasons. Meanwhile, most of our products are equipped with UV-stabilized polycarbonate one-piece-lenses with thickness up to 4mm in certain ranges. This makes sure that all kind of external aggressions are of no harm to our products.

Best raw material, but as well best product finish is a part of the total quality aspect. Many Norlys fixtures are double isolated (class II) which allows a higher level of security, especially appreciated on the private market.

To be considered as the top level represents a steady challenge and pushes us to permanent research and investment. As a result we steadily raise quality, maintain competitive prices and we permanently create excitement by launching new products. The galvanized product range is a good example for our daring and way- opening attitude. Our bollard NARVIK shows that we don`t privilege only design but as well technical efficiency. NARVIK is a total glare-free bollard, contrasting with many light-spitting bollards on the market. Glare-free and a very nice indirect lighting effect on the conical internal structure make the installation of NARVIK to the perfect night scenery all by being comfortable and pleasant for your eyes. In this context you might as well view our direct/indirect wall fixture VASA: point of view design you will notice that the fixture does not suffer from any apparent screws. Its extremely smooth finish makes the fixture nearly invisible during the day. By night the optical structure of the glass leads to an extremely even and soft light output of this untypical up-and-down fixture. Pure beauty...


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